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Glenn McNatt
Feb 16, 2022
In Share Your Memory
It was a cold winter night in 1984, I was rushed to Grady Memorial for the 2nd time within the same day. Dr. Johnson just happened to be exiting as I was entering, and she saw a look of desperation on my face as well as that of the attending emergency room doctor. Long story short, she saved my life in my opinion as within hours she performed an emergency surgery removing my appendix that was on the brink of rupturing. During her post op visit, she stated "luckily it was extracted in the nick of time". I responded that "I was the lucky one, for her caring ways". Thank you Dr. Johnson as I will always appreciate your professionalism, and most assuredly our friendship that began as a result of being in the right place at that giving time. RIP
Glenn McNatt

Glenn McNatt

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